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Monday, November 21, 2011

AVRO Arrow

The Arrow was a truly Canadian product by Canadians for Canada. The Arrow and the Iroquois programmes were a pinnacle of Canadian aviation achievement, the like of which we may never see again. It was a time when the eyes of the aviation world were on Canada.

The very first Avro Arrow, RL201, rolled off the assembly line on October 4, 1957 and on March 25, 1958, the Arrow's test pilot Jan ┼╗urakowski taxied RL201 to the foot of Malton Airport runway 32, was given takeoff clearance and got that magnificent aircraft airborne for the very first time.

Jan returned to the airfield twenty five minutes later after a completely problem-free flight to the cheers of all of the AVRO employees who had been given time off to witness this wonderful event.

The design, construction and development of the Arrow and Iroquois products was the Canadian equivalent to putting a man on the Moon.

The tragedy is that although we demonstrated success, we were never able to reap the benefits.

See http://www.ahfc.org/ for more detail.
The Arrow, and many other vintage aircraft are to be replaced by 4 hockey rinks. Ontario doesn't need another hockey rink. See what the rinks will be replacing at http://youtu.be/obXKrx7DEJQ
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