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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Taylor's Pneumatic Toys Book Review #4

A review of " Taylor's Pneumatic Toys " by Stanley R. Taylor


Mr Taylor has produced an interesting, well-illustrated, book which describes nine simplified models of miniature, pneumatic robotic items. Their parts can be ( and have been ) assembled by elementary school students.

These items are made to move 'back and forth' by means of pneumatic 'medical' syringes which can be connected by plastic tubing to attachment points on those items. The air pressure in the tubing, on each side of a 'primary' piston, responds to the motion of the syringe and a 'secondary' piston then moves accordingly.

One of the models ( he is bold enough to call it a miniature 'Canadarm' ) is driven by a total of four 10 mL medical syringes. It has a simple, but functioning Elbow Joint and can simulate some of the motions of the Lower Arm of the Canadarm including the ability to capture objects.

This model includes a simple End Effector with a grappling system derived from that of the full-scale Canadarm. It is able to bend down and capture an object and then lift it, if it is fitted with a simulated Grapple Fixture. It can also then release it. To demonstrate this, the drawings include a 'mass', fitted with a popsicle stick. The popsicle stick serves as the Grapple Fixture !

These are indeed 'educational' toys but they are also entertaining and thus will trigger many variations by the students themselves. ( Well done Stan ! )

Bruce Aikenhead,
Aeronautical Engineer,
Designer of Canadarm

Friday, June 21, 2013

Randy Attwood is an avid amateur astronomer. Randy was part of our Scientists in School team presenting "Celestial Sleuths" (space) to Grade 6 students. I am just finishing my 12th Year with Scientists in School and did my last "Celestial Sleuths" presentation yesterday for this academic school year. Randy is no longer with Scientists in School. He is now Managing Editor of SPACE Quarterly, Senior Editor, SpaceRef, and Past President RASC.

Randy was kind enough to write a review of my book, Taylor's Pneumatic Toys. You can find it at http://spaceref.ca/education/new-book-inspires-young-people-to-build-scientific-toys.html

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Book Review 2 Taylor's Pneumatic Toys

Taylor's Pneumatic Toys (Paperback) Review by David Anderson, Ph.D., (Driggs, ID, US)

The title says it: How to Build Toys out of Wood with your Children. We live in a time when projects for children are often too" prepackaged", and often do not lend themselves to an honest collaboration between parents and their children. This book gives wonderful and creative projects that are unique and easy to do. Because they are made to move with simple pneumatics, they lend themselves to the creative process of thinking what else can be done with this technique. In that way, the book is as much a start as an end. I highly recommend this book to any parent that would like to spend some quality and creative time with their child.

4.0 out of 5 stars Very Creative, May 14, 2013