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Sunday, March 20, 2011

They Keep Me Young

Jessica, Jakob, Nickolas
Jake and Nick were born April 2, 1998 about a minute apart. They are fraternal twins. When  they were little, I’d read them a story every day. We watched Cayou, anything to do with animals for Nick and anything to do with machines for Jake on TV.  As an educator approaching retirement, I stopped looking at my students as little adults and saw them in a different light: Children. The twins afforded me this perspective.

I taught Jake how to shoot a ball using a wrist-shot with his hockey stick. I’d play goal, like I did many years before in college, and Jake would pepper me with shots. Nick and I spent many hours shooting hoops. The twins kept me young.

When the boys were 8 years of age, my daughter gave birth to a girl, Jessica.  I would do the daily book-thing and watch Tree House on TV with her. I’ve been retired from teaching for awhile now, but I am still in classrooms  doing science workshops with children. My time spent with my grandchildren allows me to keep my perspective of children in tune.

I do not really know if I would enjoy the success I now have by teaching so many children about the wonders of science if it hadn’t been for my grandchildren. There is no doubt in my mind that they keep me young.

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