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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mega Quarry

I did an interview about Melissa Battler, Planetary Geologist and currently working on her Ph.D. at UWO, June, 2007. I respect Melissa's opinion and when I saw her posting on Facebook about a week ago, I wondered about how I could get the word out.

Melissa said: "I recently learned about the proposed "Mega Quarry" in Melancthon, Ontario. I am concerned, because this potential massive open pit mine would be the largest open pit mine in Canada, and is scheduled to be blasted only ~120 km away from Toronto, not far from Orangeville/Shelburne area. If it is built, it will destroy prime agricultural land, and may have devastating effects on the ground water supplies to most of southern Ontario.

My very major concern is that they plan to blast 200 feet below the water table, into the aquifer that supplies the headwaters of many southern Ontario rivers, possibly including the Grand River. This will certainly have very adverse environmental effects on the immediate area around the mine, and on the drinking water of many parts of southern Ontario, and perhaps even on all ecosystems of all the rivers flowing south from that area, as contaminants from the mine will flow directly into our rivers."

See (http://www.ndact.com/NDACT/Water_Issues.html  for more information.

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