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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Best Christmas Gift

He was new to New Brunswick. He was new to the Parish of Prince William and Dumfries cum Queensbury and Southampton. He was the new Anglican Deacon and this was his parish. He arrived mid- June, 1968 with his new bride, Karen. During his first 5 months, he had performed 18 baptisms, 4 marriages and 4 funerals.

In December, 1968, his wife started getting pains in her side. She had had these pains before when she lived in Windsor, Ontario. When she went to her doctor there, he found nothing wrong with her. He took his wife to a doctor in Fredericton who examined her, took some x-rays and discovered the problem. There was a blockage in the uretur tube that runs from the kidney to the bladder and she would require immediate surgery. The operation was scheduled for December 23rd. The young deacon had to make quick plans. He arranged to have Anglican priests handle the Christmas Service at each of the four churches in his parish, both on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. And now, he prayed: “Your will be done….”

On December 24th, the major surgery was completed and his wife was recovering beautifully. The young Deacon felt humbled. On the Eve of the birth of the Christ-child, God had given the young Deacon the best Christmas gift ever: the life of his wife. This would be the beginning of 44 years together and still counting. He was and is most thankful.

The He is me.

Stan Taylor

The above article was first published in the Uxbridge COSMOS, December, 2010.

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