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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Canadian Author Stan Taylor’s New Book

Ontario Association of Physics Teachers Conference
Book Reviews

“New book inspires young people to build scientific toys.”  Randy Attwood, Senior Editor   SpaceRef Canada Interactive Inc.

“I highly recommend this book to any parent that would like to spend some quality and creative time with their child.” David Anderson, Ph.D. Retired Physicist

“Stan Taylor has written a delightful little book that ought to be a standard classroom reference for every middle school Design & Tech teacher.” Tim Langford, Newsletter Editor, Ontario Association of Physics Teachers

Carly Reed, Steve Spangler's Manager states: “Steve Spangler’s book review team all agree that Stanley R Taylor did a great job on his book, Taylor’s Pneumatic Toys.”
 “Mr. Taylor has produced an interesting, well-illustrated, book which describes nine simplified models of miniature, pneumatic robotic items. Their parts can be ( and have been ) assembled by elementary school students. These are indeed 'educational' toys but they are also entertaining and thus will trigger many variations by the students themselves. (Well done Stan ! )”
Bruce Aikenhead, Designer of Canadarm

Stan with his pneumatically controlled Canadarm
Stan resides in Leaskdale, ON with his family

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