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Monday, February 21, 2011

CCSVI and MS Part 2

“Over $2.4 Million Committed to Support Seven Operating Grants to Explore the Relationship of CCSVI to Multiple Sclerosis” was the headline released by the MS Society of Canada on June 27, 2010.

Please permit me to play the devil’s advocate here.  $2.4 million divided by 7 people divided by 2 = approximately $171 000 each/year. Can a team of scientists do a serious scientific study for only
$171 000/year? I would have thought that they would need at least a million per year. The MS Society of Canada spends over $8 million a year in research funding (see mssociety.ca/ccsvi). This is certainly more than the $700 000 Canadian contribution to the 2.4 million grant (The U.S.A. MS Society covered the rest).

It seems to me that with so many other countries doing the CCSVI Treatment, why is Canada doing a study to see if CCSVI and MS are linked? If I were a cynic, I would think that the doctors doing the research are not going to find a correlation between CCSVI and MS and once this is established, the Canadian medical field will have nothing to do with CCSVI. That would mean no sizeable loss of income for drug companies who supply meds to MS patients, no $450 to $900 operation that could be covered by OHIP for example from occurring, and no Canadian relief for those who seek the Liberation Treatment. Wouldn’t the time and money be better spent doing follow-up studies on the 3000 Canadians who have already had the Treatment done and also starting clinical trials at our university-teaching hospitals for those who seek the Treatment?

Read a few testimonials of satisfied patients at http://www.surgicaltourism.ca/testimonials/

The MS Society and the medical profession seem to think that MS patients have all the time in the world. They don’t.  

My friend Bill is doing well. His doctor has him hopping on one foot now. That is amazing considering that he couldn’t dress himself 10 months ago.

I wish the proponents of Dr. Zamboni’s Liberation Treatment and all researchers the best of luck in finding a cure for MS and if not a cure, perhaps to agree on an affordable treatment that will improve the lives of MS patients worldwide.

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