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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ontario Volunteer Service Award

Racquel Carlow, President of the Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO) sent me an email a few months ago to inform me that she had nominated me to receive an Ontario Volunteer Service Award. I was flattered by the gesture and I thanked her for the thought.

On April 16th, I received in the mail an invitation to attend the 2013 Volunteer Service Awards on April 22nd at Deer Creek Golf Club. I cried. I was humbled and grateful that an organization thought enough about me to nominate me for a service award. STAO nominated me for my 15 years of service.

I was only allowed to bring one guest and I brought my wife, Karen.

I was one of 255 recipients to receive an award at the ceremony. Awards ranged from 5 years to 60 years of service. Some of the organizations were local community groups, Girl Guides of Canada, various Groups of Scouts Canada, skating clubs, horticultural societies, youth centres and health centres just to name a few.

MPP John O’Toole for Durham was in attendance along with dignitaries from various branches of the government.

It was a wonderful evening that I will treasure and reflect upon as I continue to serve.

[NOTE: I purposely blocked out the signature of the Honourable John O'Toole.]

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